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License Types

HOME I/O can be used with stand-alone or site licenses. After your purchase, you will receive an activation key or a site license file which allows you to fulfill your license.

Stand-alone Licenses

Stand-alone licenses are licenses bound to a single computer. During the activation process, a fingerprint is taken from your machine and sent to our servers. This locks the license to the current computer. Stand-alone licenses can be deactivated at any moment allowing you to move the license to a different computer.

Stand-alone licenses are ideal for individuals or small groups requiring only a few individuals to use HOME I/O. They do not require network connectivity to run and cost less than floating licenses. For activation and deactivation, internet connection and administrator privileges are required.

Site Licenses

A site license grants access to HOME I/O to an unlimited number of users belonging to an organization. This type of license is the easiest to use since it does not need to be activated and does not require internet connection.

To install a site license, just copy the .lic file - that you received after purchase - into the installation folder of HOME I/O (typically: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Real Games\Home IO\Home IO.exe"). If your Windows account does not grant you administrator rights, you may alternatively copy the license into "C:\ProgramData\Real Games\Home IO".

Type C:\ProgramData into the Windows File Explorer to open the Program Data folder.