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CONNECT I/O is a tool that enables HOME I/O to be easily integrated with automation technologies. With CONNECT I/O, you implement some kind of functionality by drawing a diagram with nodes and linking them together.

Basically, you use CONNECT I/O for three different purposes:

  • Connect HOME I/O to external automation technologies (e.g. PLC, Modbus, microcontrollers, ...). In this case, CONNECT I/O can be seen as a gateway between external technologies and the simulation.
  • Control HOME I/O by designing a controller with function blocks.
  • Perform acquisition and analysis of data coming from HOME I/O.

Of course, these are only the most common scenario os where you can use it. CONNECT I/O is incredibly flexible, you can use all of its functionalities at the same time and even extend it with your own code by developing plugins.