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Heater and Thermostat


Electric heater controlled by thermostats. Includes a power LED which indicates if it is turned on or off.

Power consumption:

Room Description Power (W)
A Living room 2000
D Kitchen 1500
E Entrance hall 1750
G Bedroom corridor Heater 1: 750
Heater 2: 750
H Children bedroom 1000
I Bathroom 750
J Single bedroom 750
K Private bathroom 1000
L Couple bedroom 750
M Laundry room 500
N Home office 1500


Used to control the room temperature. Includes two operating modes, Eco, and Comfort, which allow setting two different temperature setpoints. It is an on/off controller with a 1°C hysteresis.

1 Turns on/off the thermostat.
2 Eco Mode.
3 Comfort Mode.
4 Increases the temperature setpoint.
5 Decreases the temperature setpoint.