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  1. Run the installer with Administrator privileges and if you are prompted by the User Account Control click on Yes.

  2. Follow the installer instructions. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 is required for running HOME I/O, and it's recommended that you leave it checked.

  3. Now it's time to launch HOME I/O, activate it or start a trial. Once you start HOME I/O, you should see the License menu. If this isn't the case, click on License. Next, click on Activate, enter your activation key and click on Get License. Alternatively, click on Get Trial and next on Get Trial License to start a trial.

If you are running HOME I/O behind a proxy server you must define your proxy settings before activating a license or starting a trial.

  • Close HOME I/O if it's already running
  • Browse to the installation folder of HOME I/O and open the file settings.yml file using a text editor
  • Set the Host, Port, User and Pass of your proxy server and save the file