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Heating Scenario

  • A scenario can only be created if it has one thermostat and at least one heater;
  • A thermostat can only be a part of one scenario, and one thermostat can only control a heater.

The first screen displays a list of existing heating scenarios. Click on Add Scenario to create a new scenario.

  • Scenario Name: Insert the scenario name.
  • Thermostat: Select a thermostat.
    • Available actions:
      • Off : Turns off the thermostat.
      • Eco : Sets the thermostat to Eco mode.
      • Comfort : Sets the thermostat to Comfort mode.
  • Add Item (optional): Create a schedule and add time items (optional). Add a new time item by clicking on Add Item, for each item set a time and action.
  • Heaters: Select one or more heaters to be controlled by the selected thermostat.