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Main Menu

Once you have started Home I/O you will see the Main Menu. During the simulation, press the Escape key to open the Main Menu. Click on Resume to resume the simulation.

New Creates a new simulation. Click on Confirm to start a new simulation. Save your current simulation before proceeding.
Load To load a simulation select one from the list, click on Load and next on Confirm. To delete a saved simulation click on Delete and next on Confirm.
Save To save a new simulation double click on New Save, enter a name and click on Confirm. To overwrite or delete a saved simulation select one from the list and click on Save or Delete and next on Confirm.
Options In any sub menu click on Accept to apply the new settings. Click on Default to apply the default settings.
Exit Closes the application. Click on Exit to quit Home I/O.


In any sub menu click on Accept to apply the new settings and Default to apply the default ones.

  • Audio
    • Sound : Turns sounds on or off.
    • Volume : Changes the sounds volume.
    • Speaker Mode : Changes the speaker mode between mono or stereo.
  • Video
    • Resolution : Changes the screen resolution.
    • Display Mode : Changes the display mode between fullscreen or window.
    • Quality : Selects the graphical quality (in some machines increasing quality may lower performance).
    • V-Sync : Turns V-Sync mode on or off. It is recommended to turn it off on low spec machines.
    • Run in Background : When enabled Home I/O continues running even if the window loses focus.
    • Oculus Rift : Enable or disable the Oculus Rift headset (Experimental - DK1 ONLY). The device must be connected to the computer before starting Home I/O.
  • Controls
    • Edit Keys : Customizes your key bindings. Arrow keys are used for the character movement and cannot be bound.
    • Look Sensitivity : Changes the look sensitivity (applies to mouse and gamepad controller).
    • Gamepad : Enables or disables the gamepad.
  • Localization
    • Language : Selects a language.
    • Units : Selects the unit system between metric or imperial.
    • Show Energy : Selects how energy is displayed (consumption or cost). If cost is selected the price per kWh can be set in the field below.
    • Energy Price : Sets the energy price per kWh.
  • Permissions : For each saved simulation you may lock with a password the Device Mode, New Date panel, Atlas panel, Time Slider and Weather panel. Enter a password and press Lock. To unlock, reenter the password and press Unlock.